Readers ask: How To Get Leaf Sea Slug Tap Tap Fish?

How do you get the secret fish in AbyssRium?

How to unlock every hidden fish in AbyssRium

  1. Camel Cowfish: Share a picture of a blowfish 3 times.
  2. Clown Tang: Take a picture of a tang 5 times.
  3. Commerson Dolphin: Save a picture of Lonely Coralite 3 times (This is what the game says, but it seems like a bug.

How do you get the whale on Tap Tap Fish?

To unlock the Blue Whale, the player must have Star Horn Coral and own at least 70 types of normal fish. 2 Blue Whales are required to fuse a Minke Whale, along with 180 clams, 125 urchins, 100 crabs and 75 krill.

How do clownfish get blue?

To unlock this hidden fish, the player must take 3 pictures of any Clownfish. You can take all 3 pictures of one species, or mix and match to your liking. If you have trouble with it, try taking 3 pictures of only the Percula Clownfish or saving all 3 images to your device.

What are hidden fish in Tap Tap Fish?

AbyssRium Hidden Fish

  • Legendary Sun Fish. Tap Sunfish vitality well over 100 times.
  • Blue Clownfish. Take a picture of Percula Clownfish (orange ones) 3 times.
  • Snowflake Clownfish. Push Twitter button 5 times in Settings.
  • Randall’s Goby. Take 3 pictures of Gobies.
  • Clown Tang.
  • Convict Tang.
  • Naso Tang.
  • Jewel Damsel.
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How do you get the octopus on Tap Tap Fish?

To unlock the Octopus, the player must purchase the blue table coral. 2 Octopus are required to fuse a Coconut Octopus, along with 80 clams, 50 urchins and 40 crabs.

How do you get a queen Angel Tap Tap Fish?

To unlock the Queen Angel, the player must upgrade their Fragile Staghorn Coral to Level 3000. It should be unlocked immediately upon meeting this requirement. 2 Queen Angels are required to fuse a Watanabe Angel, along with 100 Seaweed and 40 Clams.

How do you get more gems on Tap Tap Fish?

The easy and simple way to earn Gems and Pearls is by reading more numbers of stories and chapters in the game. The resources are earned by completing more chapters and by reading more stories. One should earn enough keys by applying the Tap Tap Fish – AbyssRium cheats.

How do you get pearls in Rakko Ukabe?

Outside of purchasing them, the only sources of Pearls are:

  1. The Daily Missions.
  2. Sometimes you get lucky on the free wheel spin (under the fish tab)
  3. Filling out the ocean collections.

What is a skill or artifact in Tap Tap Fish?

Skills are an unlockable feature in Abyssrium which gives the player a temporary stat boost. Skills can be upgraded with gems and have a cooldown time after being used. You can upgrade a skill up to LV 21.

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