Readers ask: How To Fish A Sea Striker Planer?

How does a planer bridle work?

When set, the planer dives and pulls the bait down, well below the surface. When a fish strikes, the jerk to the rear “trips” the planer and the ring slides forward. When the planer is reeled to near the rod tip, Hiatt unsnaps it from the bridle and the fisherman reels the fish in the rest of the way.

How deep do planers run?

PLANEr DEPTH Planers will run at a 45 degree angle and achieve approximately one foot of depth for each two feet of planer line when used with ap- propriate line. There is a point where a planer reaches its optimum depth. For example, 50 ft. of planer line will probably result in a planing depth of 25 ft.

How fast can you troll a planer?

It works over a wide range of trolling speeds, from slow- trolling with natural baits to pulling artificials up to 15 mph.

What is a planer bridle?

Using a planer bridle is the easiest way to get baits or lures deeper in the water column without much hassle. Bridles go between your main line and leader. Made from 300lb hollow core braid, our planer bridles have 130lb Spro wind-on swivels at each end.

How do you rig a planer for Wahoo?

Get a bait down lower, using a planer. Rig 60 feet of 300-pound test to the Z-wing, with a loop at the other end. Set the planer out at a dead idle, and put the loop around a stern cleat. Then kick it up to trolling speed, let out 25 to 30 feet of line on a bait, and bend a rubber band around the main line.

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How do fishing planers work?

Planers have a simple, innovative design that uses water pressure to drive the baits deep. A sliding ring helps the planer dive deep by angling the silver plate downward like a plug. When you get a bite, they “trip” and the bait or fish rise to the surface. We usually pull two planers in our normal spread.

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