Quick Answer: Where Can I Fish Sea Weed Black Desert?

Where can I fish in BDO?

A good place to active fish when you are beginning is located just outside Velia, seen in the image below. Just go west from Velia and find the crowd of fishers. This is a static blue spot which means you have a higher chance of getting blue quality fish.

Where can I catch clownfish in BDO?

Otherwise, you may spend an hour trying to catch a Clownfish. The castaway is located on a small unnamed island Southwest of Staren Island off the coast of Olvia.

Where can you find seaweed in Animal Crossing?

The species of seaweed in Animal Crossing is known as wakame and is commonly used in cooking. It has a subtly sweet flavor and is most often served in soups and salads. In English, it is also known as sea mustard. It is native to cold temperate coastal areas of Japan, Korea, and China.

Is AFK fishing worth it BDO?

Earning silver in Black Desert can be very easy if you take advantage of AFK Fishing. Auto- fishing will allow you to get richer in the game without having to spend too much time and effort.

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Can you AFK fish in BDO?

How to AFK Fish in BDO. Fishing is an incredibly simple activity. To start, find some water, equip your fishing rod by right-clicking on it, and you press space. Instead, if you want to AFK – fish, you press space, tick the box “throw away useless items caught during auto fishing ” and wait.

Where can I get good feed in BDO?

For making good feed you can either use fresh fish or dry your fish through processing and use dry fish. However, I recommend that you have your workers gather dried fish for you from fishing nodes or just buy dried fish from the market. Fishing nodes are located on islands in the sea.

What counts as seafood BDO?

Dried Seafood

  • Dried Seafood is an Item Group, consisting of the following items:
  • Dried Cuttlefish. Home Items Material Seafood Dried Cuttlefish.
  • Dried Squid. Home Items Material Seafood Dried Squid.
  • Dried Terrapin. Home Items Material Seafood Dried Terrapin.
  • Dried Jellyfish.
  • Dried Crawfish.
  • Dried Crab.
  • Dried Octopus.

How much is sea cucumber worth in Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons sea creature list

Critter # Sea Creature Value
Critter # Sea Creature Value
3 Sea cucumber 500
4 Sea pig 10,000
5 Sea star 500


Will blathers take seaweed?

The Seaweed can be donated to the museum. Upon doing so, the following text is given by Blathers: ” Seaweed can be over three feet long. When its spores attach to rocks, they take root and grow.

How much does seaweed cost?

Seaweed prices have been more or less steady over the last decade, hovering about $250 per metric ton (Figure 3), with some downward pressure on prices of temperate species due to increased production in China.

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Does luck affect fishing BDO?

No, luck has no effect whatsoever in anything.

How long do BDO hotspots last?

Hotspots last 15 minutes if my memory serves me correctly. All hotspots in the game now are temporary with the exception of the “Velia Anomaly”. And lastly, Coelacanth hotspots only last for one cast (protip: you can actually see what kind of hotspot it is by the fish that are jumping out).

Do you need bait to fish BDO?

Bait is what you can equip with a fishing rod before casting it on the line. It increases the fishing speed by a certain amount of time. However, bait is completely option, and mostly unnecessary, especially if you are trying to get the hang of the entire concept of fishing in the game.

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