Quick Answer: Persona 4 Golden How To Fish Sea Guardian?

Can you catch the sea guardian when it’s not raining?

It doesn’t need to be raining but it does appear faster when it is. I caught the Sea Guardian when it was cloudy. Look for ripples with splashes. If you don’t see them, re-cast.

How do you catch the giant fish in Persona 4 Golden?

Steps to catch the huge fish:

  1. Go fishing on a rainy day.
  2. Wait until there is a huge gap between ripples (like 4 seconds)
  3. Catch the huge fish.

Can you catch the river guardian at night?

Yes, day, night, rain, shine, snow any time you want, it’s just more rare on non rainy days.

Does it need to be raining to catch the sea Guardian Persona 4?

To know if it’s a Sea Guardian, you should be looking for lots of splashes and big ripples. If you don’t, cast it again. Once you have it hooked, reel it in and voila, you will have the Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden. Also note that it is not mandatory for it to be raining but it does increase your chances.

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Can you catch the sea Guardian Persona 4?

Catching The Sea Guardian in Persona 4 Golden The Sea Guardian can be captured since the 15th Quest, The Shichiri Beach Guardian. Here, the player can capture the Sea Guardian. The player will need to have the Genji Beetle Bait. Players can purchase this bait from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities on 8/22.

How do I get Guardian p5r?

You can earn the “ Guardian of the Pond” achievement by luring the Ichigaya Guardian to you. You need to use the “Top-class Boilie,” which costs 400 points to unlock. Once you have the bait, you have to catch six fish in one sitting to summon the guardian. Use third eye to spot the guardian, a sparkling golden fish.

How do you fish at the beach Persona 4?

River Guardian and the Deep Sea Rod Once you’ve unlocked the beach, choose the ” Fish ” option at the beach. You will find that your rod will not work in the sea. Go back to the Old Man at the Riverbank and he’ll challenge you to catch the Samegawa Guardian.

How do you get bugs in Persona 4 Golden?

In order to catch bugs, you must first get the Bug Catching Net. If you visit the Shrine and talk to the boy there, you will learn the boy recently lost his Bug Catching Net. Return to the Shrine at night sometime after early June to find a woman in white. She will ask for a Goldfish at first.

What can you do with fish Persona 4 Golden?

Bread crumbs are received from the Shiroku hostess by exchanging them with a Tatsuhime Ladybug, while bugs can be caught at the shrine with the bug catching net. Persona 4 Golden.

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Name Huge Fish
Effect Restores all of one ally’s HP.
Bait 1 Meiou Cricket
Bait 2 Inaba Jewel Bug


Where is Shiroku Pub p4?

Old Lady Shiroku is the shop keeper at the Shiroku Store in the Central Shopping District. At night, the store become a pub that trades Gems for Weapons.

Which platypus has poison claws?

August 28th Is it the male or female platypus that has the poison claws? – Male.

Can you catch the Samegawa guardian at night?

The Samegawa’s Guardian is simply called the Guardian in-game. The fish can be caught on rainy days or any day during the month of December. However, if you ‘ve waited until after December the Guardian can also be caught at any point in the snow or at night during January.

Can you catch sea Guardian in January?

Yes. It does not need to be raining to catch either of the guardians, you just need the right bait. The guardians ‘ splashes are very distinguishable from the huge fish.

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