Question: School Of Dragons How To Catch Deep Sea Fish?

How do you catch a deep sea fish?

TIP: The best deep sea fishing techniques involve trolling natural or artificial baits. If bottom fishing, try using fishing lures such as large jigs or heavy-duty rigs to get the baits down deep.

Where do you catch halibut in School of Dragons?


  • 1- Catch 3 fish for Bucket.
  • 2- Talk to Mulch.
  • 3- Visit the waterfall under Berk.
  • 4- Go to the lake in the Wilderness.
  • 5- Visit the mouth of the river in the Wilderness.
  • 6- Fly outside the caldera.
  • 7- Give Bucket 3 halibut.

Where can I find perch in school of dragons?

To fish the specific species required, our advice is to go to these fishing spots:

  • Salmon: Base of waterfall in the Wilderness or in the Giant Salmon Pool at Helheim’s Gate;
  • Halibut: Fishing spot at Helheim’s Gate, located South from the Boat – requires Return to Dragon Island;
  • Perch: Freshwater lake at The School.

What is the best bait for deep sea fishing?

Bait that’s good for tolling includes cigar minnows and shad. If you’re going to be bottom (or still) fishing, you can use fresh bait or fish you catch that isn’t edible. Squid, frozen cigar minnows and small pieces of fresh fish all work well for bottom fishing.

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What do you fish for when you go deep sea fishing?

The Best Bait and Lures to Use While Deep Sea Fishing

  • Kingfish. When it comes to kingfish, you will find that natural baits tend to work better than artificial lures.
  • Cobia. Another popular fish, the cobia is an aggressive fish that tends to strike both live bait, as well as lures.
  • Shark.
  • Mahi-Mahi.
  • Sailfish.
  • Tarpon.
  • Wahoo.

Where do you catch salmon in School of Dragons?

Yeah, the Waterfall in the Wilderness is my favourite spot for Salmon. There’s also a beach at the School down by the Flight Club that’s good for the oceanic fish, Halibut and Herring too.

Where can I find brown trout in School of Dragons?

The Eel = in the wilderness near the little island with the trees. The Halibut and The Harring = on the schoolbeach, in the black water. Best place to catch any fish.

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