Often asked: Where Are All The Red Coins In Many Fish In The Sea?

Where is the squid in many fish in the sea?

Crab 3: To the right of the big door leading to the last section of the level. Squid: After the first save point, advance to an orange bubble fish to find the squid on the left.

Where are the 5 striped fish in Yoshi’s crafted world?

Small Stripy Fish 5 The final fish is just past the squid souvenir. Once you reach the area with the fish platform and multiple red koopa troopas, check the fish on the background near the rock with red and white stripes.

Where are the red coins in many fish in the sea?

Wait for the fish to move upwards then walk across the yellow path underneath it. This will reveal a Question Mark Winged Cloud. Toss an Egg at it and it will reveal two rows of coins. Run through the rows and you’ll get 4 Red Coins out of it.

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Where are all the red coins in mine cart cave?

Hidden Cloud for More Red Coins Take the cardboard platforms, with the yellow tape, up and to the left. Once you reach the ledge, jump up to reveal a hidden cloud. Hit this cloud and an arc of coins will appear. 3 of them are Red Coins.

Where is the pirate ship in pirate pier?

Pirate ship: In the background right after the first care flower. Steamboat: Behind a rock in the background after the second care flower.

Where is the blue squid in Yoshi’s crafted world?

Squid: After exiting the room with the pufferfish-powered elevators, hop under the swinging clownfish. This sneaky squid’s hiding out in the foreground! Well, actually, he’s right there, but points for trying!

Where is the flat fish in Yoshi’s crafted world?

Start the level and make your way to the right. After the first screen sequence with the koopas you will reach a screen with a number of shy guys on moving platforms. Drop down to the floor below and you will find the Flatfish in the background.

Where are all the red coins in Yoshi crafted world?

Red Coin 1: Ground pound the first three stumps you see and the coin will pop afterthe last one. Red Coins 2-6: Underneath the lowering fish craft, there is a row of coins, with four in the middle being red. Red Coin 7: Pound the stump below the second big Nemo paper puffer for a coin.

Where are the flowers in Go Go Yoshi?

Flower #2; On the Back of the Truck Hit the Flower on the back of the truck. Start by taking care of the cardboard/boxes on the ground then hold your punch to get more reach so you can punch the Flower Box.

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Where are the red coins in spring sprung trail?

Red Coins in the Right Cloud Behind the Flowers Hit the Cloud that’s on the far right, behind the flowers, to get 3 Red Coins. Keep heading right. Be ready to eat/jump on a few Moles.

Where are the red coins in hoop jump hop?

After jumping through the rope to the right, you’ll find some coins near a timer. The coins to the left side near the pink platform below are 3 red coins. You’ll reach an area where you can jump on the platforms below for a high jump. Once you’re near a timer clock, get the arc of coins right after it for 3 red coins.

Where is the third flower in Whistlestop rails?

Flower #3; Flower on the Roof Head to the far right and you’ll come across some brown boxes but don’t break them just yet. Climb up them and jump to the green and blue checkered roof on your left. Hit the Question Mark Winged Cloud and you’ll reveal a Flower and a cluster of coins.

Where is the caramel billboard in mine cart cave?

Caramel Billboard 1: Mine – Cart Cave (Front Side) Head to the waterfall area on the very right side once you start the stage. This should be where there are two red arrows pointing left. The billboard is on the background to the right.

Where is the AXE in Yoshi’s crafted world?

Axe: Right outside the second Flipside Mouser hideout.

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