How To Fish For Spotted Sea Trout?

What is the best bait to catch sea trout?


  • Soft plastic Shrimp. Since these lures imitate the sea trout’s primary food source, they work well.
  • Plastic tail grub jigs. Pink-colored plastic tail grub jigs in ¼, ⅜, and ½-ounce weights are very effective at catching trout.
  • Soft plastic jerk baits.
  • Topwater plugs.
  • Spoons.

What do you use to catch spotted sea trout?

Holleman’s primary live bait for spotted sea trout is a live shrimp. However, he noted that mud minnows, pogies and finger mullet also work well. He is more apt to use baitfish if he expects to find stripers or larger redfish in an area.

How do you fish speckled sea trout?

Spotted sea trout can be caught on a wide variety of artificial lures and live bait. The top live baits are shrimp and small bait fish such as pinfish, grunts, mullet, croakers, and herring. The jig and grub combo is the most popular artificial lure. Plugs also catch plenty of spotted sea trout.

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What is the best time to catch sea trout?

Generally, though, sea trout will begin to run in numbers in early summer, perhaps in May, and numbers will build up during June and July and into August. Successful tactics for sea trout can vary somewhat from river to river and region to region but, in general, the hours of darkness are the most productive.

Can you catch sea trout on lures?

While spotted sea trout will take a live bait, especially a nice live shrimp, many are caught on artificial lures as well. They prey on a wide variety of forage, including most bait fish and crustaceans.

Is shrimp good bait for trout?

Live freshwater shrimp can be a great bait option for bass, panfish, catfish, trout, and trout.

What size hooks for sea trout?

What size hooks are best for catching speckled trout? A 1/0 hook is the best size for catching speckled trout. That hook size is perfect for hooking a live shrimp or a small white bait like a threadfin herring, scaled sardine or a pin fish without affecting their swimming abilities too much.

What do sea trout bite on?

Twitch-Twitch-Pause Retrieve for Seatrout I use three types of seatrout lures — topwater (Super Spook), subsurface (MirrOlure MR 17 MirrOdine) and soft plastics (Saltwater Assassin 5-inch jerk bait). With the subsurface suspending baits use a twitch-twitch-pause action. I also fish D.O.A. Shrimp with the same method.

What do trout like for bait?

Go Natural: 6 Can’t-Miss Live Baits for Hungry Trout

  • Worms. Night crawlers, red wigglers, garden hackle—a worm by any name is always an odds-on favorite for charming trout.
  • Waxworms.
  • Crickets and Grasshoppers.
  • Baitfish.
  • Crayfish.
  • Aquatic Nymphs and Larvae.
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What do speckled trout taste like?

Speckled Trout is a mild flavored filet with a delicate texture. It is a fish that many coastal North Carolinians are familiar with. They are great broiled or fried or on the grill in some foil. They have a good meat to bone ratio so you get a lot of fish for your money.

Does sea trout taste fishy?

Trout does not taste fishy (if it does, it may be bad). It’s a very mild flavor and is a soft small flaked fish. It is usually served as a fillet. It is often paired with almonds and a lemon sauce.

How far do sea trout travel?

The fish migrated at sea for 47–142 days. Estimated positions of all fish were close to the coast (< 100 km) throughout the marine period, but migrations along coastlines up to 580 km away from the natal river occurred.

Can you catch sea trout at low tide?

High and low tide are almost useless, with no pull on the water, which is essential to dislodge bait fish and trigger the feeding of predators. Bass and feeding seatrout (not necessarily those running the river) may be caught at other times, both flood and ebb, but always look for that movement in tide.

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