FAQ: What Does The Magic Sea Horse Do Fish Tycoon?

What does the unknown chemical Fish Tycoon?

Description: This rare chemical is from a genetic lab. Unknown Chemical randomly changes the fin and/or body of one or more fish in the tank it’s applied to. One dose costs $650.

How old do fish live in Fish Tycoon?

A rare fish can survive the baby stage, but not the teen stage. The adult stage starts at age 20 and has no end. An adult fish can be inspected in the isolation tank, can breed and can be sold. The duration of 1 ” fish year” depends on the speed you set.

How do you win Fish Tycoon?

Fish Tycoon Tips

  1. Get Rid of Sick Fish.
  2. Buy Common Eggs.
  3. Early Fish Breeding Tip.
  4. Watch out for Tank Limits.
  5. The Best First Purchase.
  6. Record Breed Combinations.

How many fish are there in Fish Tycoon?

There are over 400 species of fish. It is up to you to solve the puzzle and breed the magic fish!

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How do you make a magic fish in Fish Tycoon?

Use any breed combo with any fin combo to create Magical Fish #3, remembering to use pure bred fish each time.

  1. Grouper = Grouper + Grouper.
  2. Grouper = Goldbulb + Beta.
  3. Grouper = Comet + Beta.
  4. Grouper = Comet + Carp.
  5. Grouper = Stickfish + Carp.
  6. Grouper = Goldbulb + Pigmy.
  7. Grouper = Flashfish + Pigmy.
  8. Grouper = Leaffish + Grouper.

Why do my baby fish keep dying in Fish Tycoon?

Wait until you have enough cash from selling your fish to Research Environment before you try to breed exotic species. If you see a baby fish health meter at yellow, toss him out! They never improve, they will always die, and pollute your tank for your other healthy babies.

What is the most expensive fish in Fish Tycoon?

The golden guppy is the most expensive fish in the game.

Is fish with attitude still available?

It is with great sadness that we are announcing that we will be closing Fish with Attitude on December 31st. You will no longer be able to purchase additional currency through the app and we encourage you to use your remaining currency and continue enjoying the game for it’s last months.

How do you get magic fish in Fish Tycoon 2?

You can easily get your first magic fish by hatching common eggs. This will be the first magic fish you get in the game. The Magic Fish of Recuperation will help all the fish in the tank stay healthy.

How do you sell fish in Fish Tycoon 2?

Drag the fish you want to sell to the ” Sale Tank” (top right) and then click on the ” Sell Fish ” button. Notes: You can always go to the Sale Tank to check out the fish that are in the selling tank. You can only sell adult fish.

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How do you breed fish in Fish Tycoon?

Put one fish in the isolation tank, and drag another fish into the isolation tank with it. The second fish will jump out immediately when you release, and the first fish will be pregnant.

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