FAQ: What Deep Sea Fish Has A See Through Head?

What giant fish has a transparent head?

To better serve their vision, barreleyes have large, dome-shaped, transparent heads; this presumably allows the eyes to collect even more incident light and likely protects the sensitive eyes from the nematocysts (stinging cells) of the siphonophores, from which the barreleye is believed to steal food.

What does a Barreleye look like?

The barreleye gets its name from the pair of tubular eyes embedded in its transparent head. It looks something like a deep ocean submarine with a large glass window. But this bizarre physical trait is actually an astute hunting tool that illuminates the abyss in which the barreleye lurks.

What is the Barreleye’s skull filled with?

Physical Features: A Closer Look Inside. The barreleye’s most distinct feature is its transparent head… The transparent, fluid filled cranium houses green, barrel shaped eyes, hence its common name. The eyes focus directly up, allowing it to see straight through the top of its see through fish head.

Where is the Barreleye fish found?

Barreleye fish have been found in the Pacific Ocean, from the Bering Sea to Japan and Baja California, Mexico.

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What is the rarest fish in the world?

Although this list and our research shows otherwise, the Devils Hole Pupfish is widely called the world’s rarest fish (it is not quite as rare as the Red Handfish). The Devils Hole Pupfish is only found in the Devils Hole, a geological formation that is a part of Death Valley National Park in Nevada.

What is the faceless fish?

Its scientific name, Typhlonus nasus, means “blind hake,” but it’s actually a type of cusk eel. The Australian scientists have named it the Faceless Cusk. Remarkably, these fish live across a wide range of the deep, deep sea, including Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Japan, Hawaii and the Arabian Sea.

What kind of fish has a clear head?

A bizarre deep-water fish called the barreleye has a transparent head and tubular eyes. Since the fish’s discovery in 1939, biologists have known the eyes were very good at collecting light. But their shape seemed to leave the fish with tunnel vision.

Is there any transparent fish?

The Transparent Juvenile Surgeonfish If you are wondering why this beautiful transparent fish looks familiar it’s because it is a member of the Dory family, Nemo’s companion from Finding Nemo. It is a juvenile surgeonfish and its species is called Acanthuridae.

Can fish see humans?

Not only is a fish able to recognize a human face, complete with two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, but an archerfish is able to recognize a specific human face, able to detect and pick up the various details and nuances that make each individual appearance unique.

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What is the funniest looking fish?

The Blobfish In its natural habitat, at ocean depths of between 3,000 and 4,000 feet, it looks like a perfectly ordinary fish. When it’s hauled up to the surface, however, its body expands into a comical- looking blob of big-nosed goo—with a face that looks remarkably like a human face.

What fish has the best eyesight?

The cuatro ojos, or four-eyed fish of Brazil has an amazing visual system. It doesn’t actually have four eyes, but two, each one split in half by a tissue membrane. This fresh water fish uses two eyes to see underwater and two eyes to see above the surface.

Who discovered the Barreleye fish?

Barreleye Fish Facts: 1-5 | Discovery Chapman – a marine biologist – was the first person who discovered the Barreleye Fish back in 1939.

What is unusual about the Barreleye fish?

This fish’s unusual eyes can rotate within a transparent shield that covers the fish’s head. Ever since the ” barreleye ” fish Macropinna microstoma was first described in 1939, marine biologists have known that its tubular eyes are very good at collecting light.

What does the Barreleye eat?

The barreleye fish have strong digestive system and they usually feed on jellies and small drifting animals. The small marine creatures trapped on the tentacles of the jellies are also targeted by the barreleye fish.

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