FAQ: If You Could Be Any Fish In The Sea What Would You Be?

What kind of fish live in the ocean?

Many kinds of fish live in the salty water of the oceans. A fish’s kidney keeps the proper balance of salt in its body. Popular saltwater fish are bluefish, cod, flounder, striped bass (also found in freshwater), sea trout, tarpon, tuna, halibut, rockfish, sea perch, lingcod, and yellowtail.

What questions do you have about fish?

Table of Contents

  • How many fish species are there?
  • What’s the world’s largest fish?
  • What’s the world’s smallest fish?
  • What’s the most common fish in the ocean?
  • What are the oldest fish in the world?
  • How can you tell a fish’s age?
  • How long do fish live?
  • Do fish breathe air?

What would you do if you were a fish?

If I were a fish I would swim until I reach another ocean and seas that are in other countrys, I would swim up to see the sun I would not be swim up every time because some fishman would catch me and eat me, I would be swimming in a school of fish, I would swim with other fishes until we reach deep at the ocean, I

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How many fishes are there in the sea answer?

1) There are a million fish in the sea. 2) The little fish was unhappy because he was so very small. 3) One day the fish got caught in the meshes of a great net.

What is the biggest fish alive today?

Largest extant fish

Rank Animal Binomial Name
1 Whale shark Rhincodon typus
2 Basking shark Cetorhinus maximus
3 Great white shark Carcharodon carcharias
4 Tiger shark Galeocerdo cuvier


How do I play with my pet fish?

So, if you want to help your fish exercise and escape boredom, here are 7 ways to play with your betta fish:

  1. Place a ping pong ball in the aquarium.
  2. Use a mirror to watch your betta flare.
  3. Introduce floating decorations.
  4. Draw on the fish tank with dry erase markers.
  5. Stick Post-its or other pieces of paper on the tank.

Can fishes fart?

Most fish do use air to inflate and deflate their bladder to maintain buoyancy which is expelled either through their mouth or gills which can be mistaken for a fart. Experts say that the digestive gases of fish are consolidated with their feces and expelled in gelatinous tubes which fish sometimes eat again (eew…

What is the easiest fish to take care of?

Generally speaking, all these species are good-natured, striking, and very easy to care for. Good luck with finding your new pet fish!

  1. GOLDFISH. Yes, the goldfish is top on the list.
  2. GUPPIES. Small and brightly colored, guppies are another favorite for beginner aquariums.
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What is the world’s most common fish?

The World’s Most Common Types of Fish

Rank  Fish Commercial Harvest
1 Grass carp 5,028,661
2 Peruvian anchoveta 4,692,855
3 Silver carp 4,189,578
4 Common carp 3,791,913

How many fish are in the sea 2020?

The best estimates by scientists place the number of fish in the ocean at 3,500,000,000,000.

Why was the fish unhappy?

Why was the little fish unhappy? Answer: The little fish was unhappy because he was so very small.

How many fish are there in the whole world?

Fish (Osteichthyes, Chondrichthyes, and Agnatha) There are an estimated 3,500,000,000,000 (3.5 trillion) fish in the ocean.

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