Frequently asked questions

  • Why downloading all the pictures takes so long?

    This depend on your internet speed. But keep in mind that there are more than 2200 pictures and no matter how fast is your internet speed, it will take time. Be patient, it is worth the wait :)

  • Do I need to keep my screen on when I download the pictures?

    YES. And this is the only way to complete the download. To avoid interruptions while downloading, go to the settings of your device and make sure the auto-lock is off. Then open WhatFish and keep the app on. Downloading stops if the WhatFish is in the background.

  • I purchased the full version but the download does not start. What can I do?

    First, make sure that your purchase has been confirmed by iTunes. If this is the case, you should receive a confirmation email by iTunes and you should not see the "Caddy" icon in the bottom bar. Then, if the download does not start automatically, close the app and delete it from the background (double tap on the home button and swipe up the app). Start WhatFish again. Et voilà!

  • It still does not work. Is there anything else I can do?

    YES. In the app settings, tap on "Update photos".

  • How can I share my pictures with Whatfish?

    It's very easy, you just need to write us an email and we will contact you to give you all the details. Then we will give you access to a folder where you can drop your pictures.

  • What kind of pictures can I share with Whatfish?

    It is best to share photos which we don’t already have, or if you think your pictures are of a better quality then we are happy to upgrade them!

  • Can I share a picture with Whatfish that is not mine?

    Well, actually you can't. You must be the author and owner of the pictures, or in certain cases you must have written consent from the author allowing you to use the pictures for this specific purpose. We only publish pictures from photographers who have given their consent.

  • Can I use the pictures on WhatFish?

    No. All the pictures are protected by copyright and belong to their author. If you would like to use a picture for any purpose other than personal use, you need to contact the author directly.

  • Why are there species without information?

    The content for each species comes from Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia. We are constantly working on improving the content ourselves and the public helps a lot by providing quality information but this may take some time. You can also contribute yourself and make WhatFish even better by connecting to Wikipedia.

  • How often do you update the pictures and information?

    New content is updated on a regular basis, provided that you are connected on the internet. It is automatic and you will be warned if there is any update available directly on your device.

  • What do I do if I see mistakes on WhatFish?

    For species or family content, you can connect to Wikipedia directly with your user details and make the correction yourself. The correction will be updated soon after when you use WhatFish again (internet connection needed). Or esle, you can write us an email and let us know the mistakes as well as your suggestions.

  • After I bought WhatFish, I uninstalled the app. Do I need to purchase the pictures and the logbook again?

    No. The purchase has a permanent validity. If you want to install it again on your device, download the free version, go to the extra menu at the top menu and select "Restore purchases". You will be led through iTunes to complete the steps.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding WhatFish or if you wish to share some of your photos, drop us a message and we will contact you shortly.